23.5 Acres
Plat 15 / Lot 32

On June 11, 1992 the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased a Conservation Easement from the Bogle family on the property known as Plat 15, Lot 32. The Conservation Easement extends over 23.42 acres of the property. Prior to the preservation of the property, a number of groups had identified the property as important to preserve. These groups included the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust, The Nature Conservancy, RI Department of Environmental Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Foundation, RI Audubon Society, North American Waterfowl Management Project, and RI Coastal Resource Management Council.

This portion of the Bogle property was preserved along with Plat 13, Lot 2, and Plat 14, Lot 1-2. Together these properties comprise a conservation area of 106.5 acres.