0.87 Acres
Plat 37 / Lot 64

On December 23, 2009, the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the development rights to Plat 37, Lot 64, from Sheila and Jeffrey Brady. Plat 37, Lot 64 is comprised of .87 acres of land. The Deed to Development Rights and Conservation Restrictions document encompasses this entire parcel.

The development rights to Plat 37, Lot 64 were purchased, along with the development rights to a portion of Plat 37, Lot 65-2. Plat 37, Lot 65-2 is comprised of 11.782 acres of land, of which 9.945 are protected through a Deed to Development Rights and Conservation Restrictions document. Both properties are located on Long Highway.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property in March 2020.  The report outlines the historic and current uses of the property (see below).  The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses:  The Premises was historically used agriculturally.  Early historic aerial photographs from as far back as 1939 show the Premises in use as a field.  Sometime between 1997 and 2008, the metal Quonset hut type farm structure was added to the Premises.  The general composition of the Premises is the same as it was in 1939.

Current Land Use:  Today, the Premises consists of a field that is grazed by a herd of beef cows.  The northern boundary of the Premises is denoted by a stonewall.  There is a Quonset type metal farm structure on the southern boundary of the Premises.  The Premises is in active agriculture.  Various farm fencing, farm equipment, livestock care / feeding infrastructure, and a well are on the Premises.