Bumblebee Farm

50.72 Acres
Plat 20 / Lot 40-1

On October 29, 2001, Blanche F. Strater and Fabia C. Windle, Trustees of the Bumble Bee Farm Trust – Windle 1988 and Bumble Bee Farm Trust – Strater 1988, sold the development rights in Plat 20, Lot 40-1, to the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust. The Deed to Development covers fifty and seventy-two hundredths (50.72) acres of property on this 64.75 acre property.

Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, it appears that the majority of the Premises have been used for agricultural purposes since at least 1939. Areas north of the private drive were previously used for pastureland, but were allowed to over grow to current conditions since the 1950s.

Proposed Future Uses: It is the purpose of the Conservation Easement to assure that the Premises will be retained forever in its open, natural, scenic, agricultural and undeveloped condition and to prevent any use of the Premises that will significantly impair or interfere with the conservation values of the Premises.

Conservation Values: The Premises are located in Little Compton, Rhode Island on the east side of West Main Road between Holly Berry Hill Road and Meetinghouse Lane. The Premises contain agricultural land, deciduous forested and shrub swamp and wet meadow habitat. The Premises are surrounded by upland and wetland deciduous forest and shrub habitat, and directly abut additional agricultural land to the northeast. To the southeast, the Premises abut a manmade pond. There is some scattered medium and medium low density residential development located east and west of the Premises.