4.08 Acres
Plat 47 / Lot 9-5

John P. Cleaver and Elizabeth R. Cleaver donated the development rights to a portion of Plat 47, Lot 9-5 to the Little Compton Conservancy Trust. This portion of Plat 47, Lot 9-5 and a portion of Plat 47, Lot 9-4 were conveyed on December 27, 1996. The properties are located on Rockbridge Drive. The portion of development rights donated from Plat 47, Lot 9-4 to Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust is comprised of ninety-seven one-hundredths (.97) of an acre of the property. The development rights donated, from a portion of Lot 9-5, is four and eight one-hundredths (4.08)acres.