1.0 Acres
Plat 14 / Lot 9

On July 18, 2005, the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased from The John H. Congdon Irrevocable Trust-1993 the development rights to a portion of Plat 14, Lot 9. The portion of the property, which is preserved through a Deed to Development Rights and Conservation Restrictions total one (1) acre. This purchase took place on July 18, 2005.The property is located on Grange Avenue. It is open space property.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property during the months of September 2019 thru December 2019.  The report outlines the history of the property as well as it’s current land uses (see below). The entire report may be viewed on this website.

Prior Land Uses: The oldest records available show the Premises as having been in agriculture in 1939.  Aerial photography from that year shows the entirety of the Premises was open pasture.  The Premises continued to be used for agriculture for another half century.  Aerial photography from 1997 shows the Premises dotted with many small trees, and mowed footpaths meandering about.  in the twenty-odd years hence, the trees and shrubs on the Premises have continued to mature while a regular mowing regime has kept the meadow beneath from continuing into thickets of secondary succession.

Current Land Uses: At present, the Premises is sparsely forested open land and not used for human needs directly.  There is no planned public access in the form of parking, trails or signage.