Wilbour Woods / Crandon

24.72 Acres
Plat 17 / Lot 12

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the development rights to a portion of Plat 47 , Lot 6-1 on March 10, 1993, from the Estate of Albert S. Crandon. The development rights placed in preservation twenty-four  and seventy-two one hundredths (24.72) acres of the land.  The purchase of these development rights was the first step in a two phase process, which would increase the size of Wilbour Woods. 

The second phase included the Crandon Estate donating the fee simple interest in the property to the Town of Little Compton. This donation occurred on  . Having transferred the fee simple interest to the Town, this twenty-four  and seventy-two one hundredths (24.72) acres of the land was combined with the already Town owned property known as Wilbour Woods.  Wilbour Woods had now become eighty-five and five tenths (85.5) acres of preserved land.

The original portion of Wilbour Woods had been donated to the Town of Little Compton, by Elizabeth Mason Lloyd, in memory of her husband’s mother Jessie Bross Lloyd.  This donation was made on April 14, 1937 and consisted of approximately fifty-two (52)acres of property.  The donation to the Town was granted conditioned upon it being used as a public park or place of rest, resort and recreation.  The property must always be known as “Wilbour Woods” and be maintained and preserved as a memorial to Jessie Bross Lloyd.  Wilbour Woods must be maintained in its natural and wild state and removal of trees, shrubs, flowers, ferns, and moss, shall be under the advice and supervision of an expert horticulturist.  Additionally, no business may be carried out in the woods and the Town Council must provide for the protection and preservation of the woods.

Today, Wilbour Woods consists of 85.5 acres of open space. The property is open to the public for passive recreation including but not limited to picnicking, fishing (trout waters require license), walking paths, biking etc.  Stone fireplaces are available for cookouts.