22.16 Acres
Plat 32 / Lot 18-4

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the fee simple interest in Plat 32, Lot 18-4, from Mary and Ernest Gagnon. The purchase took place on June 7, 2005. Plat 32, Lot 18-4 is located on Brownell Road. The property is a combination of farmland and forested open space land. A Baseline Documentation Report was completed for this property in April 2006. Historical information from the report is listed below. The entire Baseline Documentation Report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: Based on the examination of historical aerial photography, the property has been farmed since at least 1939. The currently forested portion of the property appears to be comprised of mostly shrubby vegetation in 1939, but has been completely cleared and cultivated by 1952. By 1962 parts of the now forested portion have begun to grow back. The property has looked similar to its current condition since the 1980’s.

Current Land Uses: Currently, the property is owned by the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust and leased to a local farmer, for agricultural purposes. It appears that row crops (vegetables) were grown on the northeast portion of the property in 2005. The remainder of the property is used for hay or domestic live-stock pasture. The forested portion of the property is unused for agricultural, but provided excellent wetland wildlife habitat.

Proposed Future Uses: The mission of the LCACT is to acquire land or obtain development rights on agricultural land and other properties, and to preserve open spaces, fresh and saltwater marshes, estuaries and adjoining uplands, groundwater recharging areas and ocean access lands. Any future uses of the property will be consistent with this mission.