1.0 Acres
Plat 42 / Lot 39

Mr. Harold G. Lash donated the fee simple interest in Plat 42, Lot 39 to the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust. The conveyance for this property took place on March 13, 2001. Plat 42, Lot 39 is located on Magnolia Way. This is a one (1.0) acre property.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property during the months of January thru February 2021.  The Report outlines the history of the property, as well as, its current land uses (see below). The entire report may be viewed on this website.

Prior Land Uses: The Premises has been forested since the earliest available aerial photography from 1939.  At the time of the first aerial imagery, the Premises were just North of a complex of farm  fields and homesteads that comprised what is modern day Adamsville, Little Compton.  By 1962, several new homes were built in this Eastern part of Little Compton, most notable on Old Stone Church Road.  Between 1962 and 1972, development of the area continued with the construction of Bramblewood Cross Road, Cedar Valley Way, Brookside Lane and Magnolia Way on which the Premises is located.  At least four homes were built in the Bramblewood neighborhood in this period.  Also in this period of time, the gravel pit one mile East of the Premises on modern day LCACT Adamsville premises (Plat 42, Lot 115) was formed.  By 1981, Magnolia Way was mostly populated with new homes, with the Premises being the only vacant lot on the road.  Dozens of homes were built on nearby Stone Church Road and Bramblewood Cross Road in this period.  In the decades since, the Premises have remained relatively untouched while Adamsville has grown in population and the surrounding forests and farmland have been converted to homesites.

Current Land Uses: At present, the Premises is forested throughout, with large piles of boulders covering much of the one-acre lot.  There is no planned public access in the form of parking, trails or signage.