Marvell (Warren’s Point)

13.00 Acres
Plat 11 / Lot 23-1

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the fee simple interest in Plat 11, Lot 23-1 from Ann Marvell Kirwin, William Chandler Kirwin, Edward Brayton Marvell, Elizabeth Kirwin Misener, Meghan Dickenson Kirwin, Rhonda Marvell, Thomas Brayton Marvell, Diane Marvell, Alice Marvell, Mary Marvell, Philemon T. Marvell and Marvell Family Limited Partnership.
The purchase took place on November 25, 2015 and was executed via a Warranty Deed with Restrictive Covenants. The property is located on Warren’s Point Road and consists of 13.0 acres of land. Plat 11, Lot 23-1 abuts Long Pond.