Middendorf Farm

12.01 Acres
Plat 6 / Lot 94-3

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchase Plat 6, Lot 94-3 from Mr. William Middendorf on January 11, 2005.  The property was preserved through a Deed to Development Rights and protects approximately 12.01 acres of land.  Plat 6, Lot 94-3 is located on West Main Road.

A baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property in May 2017.  The report outlines the history of the property, as well as, its current uses (see below). The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: Periodic historic aerial photographs dating back to 1939 show the long agricultural history of the Property.  Early photos show the current conservation area bisected into two field, but it has been consistently farmed throughout.  The fence and field configuration in the southeast corner of the Property has been in its current form since sometime prior to 1962.  The farm road that currently bisects the conservation area was added sometime prior to 2003.

Current Land Use: The Property is currently farmed for hay and pasture.