5.3 Acres
Plat 26/ Lot 25

On November 1, 2017, the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the fee simple interest in Plat 26, Lot 25 from Charles R. Mosher, Jr. and Julie Mosher. Plat 26, Lot 25 is located on Long Highway.  The Sakonnet Preservation Association purchased the easement on this property, in a prior transaction. The property consists of 5.3 acres of land.  A baseline Documentation Report  was completed on the property in May 2018.  The report outlines the history of the property, as well as the land uses (see below)  The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses:  The Protected Property has been undeveloped for several decades; a portion of the Property may have supported agricultural uses in the past.  Based on the examination of historic aerial photographs from 1939, it appears the wetland area in the eastern portion of the Protected Property has remained approximately the same size since at least the late 1930’s.  The upland area, in the western portion of the Protected Property, was perhaps cleared for agricultural use (most likely pasture) prior to 1939.  By the 1950’s, the upland area was allowed to vegetate; this portion of the property seems to have been forested ever since.

Current Land Uses: The Protected Property exists in an undeveloped state.  The Protected Property contains a coastal oak-holly forest and dwarf shrub bog/fen community.