2.016 Acres
Plat 20/ Lot 51-1

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the fee simple interest, in Plat 20, Lot 51-1, from Fulton J. Pontes along with Plat 20, Lot 56-4 from Pinebridge Realty.  The purchase took place on May 24, 2018, through the execution of a Warranty Deed. Plat 20, Lot 51-1 consists of 2.016 acres of land, and Plat 20, Lot 56-4 consists of 62.4 acres. Both lots are located on Willow Avenue.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on both properties in November 2020. The Baseline Documentation Report outlines the history of the properties as well as, it’s current uses (see below).  The entire report may be viewed on this website.

Prior Land Uses:  The Protected Property has a long agricultural history which continues today. Early historic aerial photographs from 1939 show significantly more of the Protected Property open and in agricultural production than today.  In 1939, and through the 1960s, the western half of the northernmost portion of the Protected Property, and much of the southwestern-most portion, behind the school are open field.  Although there was some re-vegetation, presumably in the wettest areas,  much of the Protected Property remained open all the way up through the 1980s, when agriculture was restricted to the current field configuration.  The northeastern-most and southwestern-most corners of the Protected Property have been wooded since at least 1939.

Current Land Uses: Today, the Protected Property contains a large contiguous open field leased to a local dairy farmer for corn production.  Approximately, 22 acres of the Protected Property is open cropland, with the remainder dominated by forested and shrub swamp (more than 33 acres), but also including a mix of invasive shrubland (approximately 6.5 acres) and a small portion of oak forest (approximately 2.4 acres)