18.60 Acres
Plat 20 / Lot 31-5

On October 28, 2015, the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased a Conservation Easement to Plat 20, Lot 31-5 from The Nature Conservancy. Plat 20, Lot 31-5 consists of 18.6 acres of land. The Purmont Property is also know as the John C. Whitehead Preserve, is located on West Main Road. The property has trails which connect to the Dundery Brook trail. These trails are open to the public on a year round basis.
A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on this property in January 2016. The report outlines the history of the property as well as land uses(see below). The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: Based on the examination of periodic historical aerial photography, the southwestern-most portion of the Premises was cleared for agriculture in 1939, while the rest of the Premises was in wetland forest. The western most pond was dug sometime between 1952 and 1962; the same time period in which a structure was erected immediately adjacent to West Main Road. An additional two ponds were dug sometime in the late 1970s. Since 1980 the Premises has been maintained in a state similar to that found today. The ‘Last Stand’ a seasonal market farm stand, was previously run on the Premises.

Current Land Use: The Premises were purchased by the Nature Conservancy, from the Hope Burchard Purmont Partnership in October 2015 and further protected with a Conservation Easement with the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust. The Conservation Area described in the easement excludes the one remaining structure and parking area immediately along West Main Road. Other previously existing structures on the Premises were removed before this transaction.
Proposed Future Use: The purpose of the Conservation Easement is to assure the Premises will be retained forever in its open, natural, scenic, agricultural, ecological, or educational condition and to prevent any use of the Premises that will significantly impair or interfere with the conservation values of the Premises. The Premises are intended as a nature preserve, to be made available for passive recreational use by the public and for educational purposes, as set forth in the Management Plan.