Sagonate Meadows

4.06 Acres
Plat 26 / Lot 19-7

On December 12, 2002, Elizabeth B. Cobb, David J. Ahearn, Jennifer A. Ahearn, Albert B. Staebler, Robert H. Sayer,IV., and Susan L. Sayer donated the development rights to portions of their properties, to the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust. These properties are located on Plat 26, and are known as Lots 19-7, 19-15, 19-21, 19-22A99, and 8-2. Although each lot is owned individually, they are recorded on a single Deed to Development Rights.

The development rights to Lot 19-7 were donated by Albert B. Staebler. This property contains 6.2± acres of land. The Deed to Development Rights indicates that the development rights area contains 176,953 square feet of land or 4.04 acres.

Elizabeth Cobb donated the development rights to Plat 26, Lot 19-15. This property is comprised of 2.72 acres. The development rights on this property covers 31,361 square feet or .72 acres.

David J. Ahearn and Jennifer A. Ahearn donated the development rights to Plat 26, Lot 19-21 and 19-22. Lot 19-21 contains 10.261 acres of land. The development rights on this property cover 5.853 acres of the property. Lot 19-22A99 contains 8.529 acres of land. The development rights conveyed on this property totals 5.686 acres.

Robert H. Sayer, IV. and Susan L. Sayer donated the development rights to Plat 26, Lot 8-2. Lot 8-2 contains 4.315 acres of lands. The 2002 Deed to Development Rights protects .934 acres of this property. It must be noted that on December 28, 1992, Joseph J. Dabek and David J. Ahearn, had donated the development rights to 2.06 acres of property on Lot 8-2. Therefore in total 2.94 acres of the 4.315 acres are currently preserved.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property in May 2019.  The report outlines the history of the property, as well as, its land uses (see below).  The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: The Property has a long agricultural history.  Early historic aerial photographs from as far back as 1939 show the Property in use as pasture/hayfield and woods. Until sometime between 1981 and 1985, a complex of barns were clearly visible in the lot just east of the Property, which most likely managed the Property as adjacent fields to the barns. Sometime between 1988 and 1997, a stonewall was removed that had previously completely intersected the eastern side of the Property, running almost parallel to the easternmost boundary.  The northern portion of this stonewall no longer exists.  The composition of the Property is very similar to that in 1939.  The balance of fields to woods is nearly identical from 1939 to present.

Current Land Uses: Today, the Property is a field and some woods.  The field appears to be mowed on an annual basis. Pasture plants are tall, but no saplings are present in the fields.  Stone walls border some of the Property’s boundaries and also intersect the Property.