11.70 Acres
Plat 26 / Lot 26

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust purchased the fee simple interest, in Plat 26, Lot 26, from Ms. Marjorie Simmons. This purchased was completed on November 7, 2005. The property, located on Peckham Road, is comprised of 11.70 acres of land.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property, in November 2005. The report outlines the history of the property as well as land uses(see below). The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: The size and apparent age of trees on the property indicate that is has not been cleared for agricultural purposes anytime in the recent past (at least 150 years).

However, stone walls can be found marking boundaries throughout the wooded parcel and early aerial photography from 1939 shows thinned forest, indicating that the property was likely used for grazing.

Current Land Uses: Currently, the property is nearly entirely forested, with a small patch of maintained field habitat in the southeast corner of Lot 15. It does not appear that the property currently receives any active management or use, with the exception of mowing this field patch. Some evidence of hunting on Lot 26 was noted.

Proposed Future Uses: It is intended that this property will shortly be conveyed in fee to the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust (LCACT). The LCACT intends that the parcel will be preserved as open space for natural habitat and watershed protection. Limited public access and passive recreation will be allowed on the property.