Southworth Farm

19.6 Acres
Plat 17 / Lot 18

The fee simple interest in this property was purchased by the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust in 1989. The property contains 19.6 acres of open space. The property s located at 71 Swamp Road. A baseline documentation report was completed on the property during the months of April thru June 2021.  The report outlines the historical and current uses of the property (see below).  The complete report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: In the earliest available aerial imagery from 1939, the Premises appear thinly forested.  Some clearings and paths are barely visible in the northern and eastern portions of the Premises.  In the following decades, the forest matured and the only visible path was the right-of-way to the “Molly Lot” north of the Premises.  In 1988, aerial imagery shows construction on Molly Lot, and since then there has been an actively used right-of-way passing through the east end of the Premises.

Current Land Use: At present, the Premises are completely forested.  There are some remnants of trails on the Premises, but they are not maintained, actively used by people, or interconnected in a cohesive way.  The right-of-way serves as a driveway from Swamp Road to a home site north of the Premises.  There is no public access, though the Premises abut a popular walking and picnicking area Wilbour Woods, owned and managed by the Town of Little Compton.