St. Pierre

3.517 Acres
Plat 30 / Lot 39-3

The Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust, partnering with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, purchased a Conservation Easement on Plat 30, Lot 39-3 from Paris St. Pierre.  Plat 30, Lot 39-3 is located on William Sisson Road and consists of 3. 517 acres of land.  The property is currently in agriculture.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property in January 2020.  The Report outlines the prior uses of the property, as well as it’s current uses (see below). The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: The Premises have a long agricultural history, as part of what was once a large dairy farm.  Early historic photographs from 1939 show the conservation area in pasture, with what looks to be a barn in the far southwest corner of William Sisson Road. In photographs from the 1950s, this structure is no longer in evidence.  While the Premises have remained agricultural, from the 1970’s forward residential development has spread along Long Highway and William Sisson Road.

Current Land Uses: Today, the Premises are open pasture, used by horses.  The boundaries are still defined by historic fieldstone walls.