Trowbridge, Stone, Erdman

4.38 Acres
Plat 12 / Lot 69-1

On November 16, 1994, Charles and Barbara Trowbridge, Carroll and Barbara Erdman, and Henry and Jean Stone, donated the fee simple interest in Plat 12, Lots 69-1 and 69-2 to the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust. According to the Little Compton Tax Assessor’s Maps, Lot 69-1 consists of 4.384 acres and Lot 69-2 consists of 97,244 square feet (2.23 acres).Both properties are open space properties. Lot 69-1 is located on the corner of Sakonnet Pont Road and Warren’s Point Road. Lot 69-2 is adjacent to Lot 69-1.