Wilbur Realty Trust

2.1 Acres
Plat 6 / Lot 59

On October 3, 2006, the Wilbur Realty Trust, Benjamin P. Harris, III, Trustee, donated the fee simple interest in Plat 6, Lot 59, to the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust, via a Trustee Deed.  Plat 6, Lot 59 is located on Old Bull Lane. The property consists of 2.10 acres of open space.

A Baseline Documentation Report was completed on the property in May 2020.  The report outlines the historic uses of the property as well its current uses (see below).  The entire report is available on this website.

Prior Land Uses: The Premises was most likely historically used as supporting pasture.  The very wet nature of the Premises probably means that the land was grazed by animals during the drier summer months only.  Early historic aerial photographs from as far back as 1939 show the Premises as mostly open with scattered scrubby, shrubby brush dotting the landscape.  The Premises had a more open meadow on the eastern side before 1997.  The western tip of the Premises started being cleared in 1997 to keep it more open.  Aerial photographs from 1988 show a much more open meadow on the eastern side of the Premises.  In 1981, the open meadow on the eastern side was almost half of the Premises.  Aerial photographs from 1951/1952 show the whole Premises as open, with only some scattered scrubby, shrubby brush. It could be assumed that it was used as a pasture at this time.

Current Land Uses: Today, the Premises is wooded with we, open meadow with some shrubby brush on the eastern side.  There is a small portion of the western tip of the Premises that is maintained open and clear.  The western tip of the Premises also has a wet area that holds some water during the wet season, though was dry at the time of the visit.  Stonewalls clearly denote two of the three main boundaries (south and east).  Along the third boundary (north), a stonewall is intermittently evident.  The northern boundary runs right along Old Bull Lane, which starts as a gravel road and turns into a grassy footpath about a fifth of the way down the Premises.  It appears to be maintained as a local walking path.